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First geek post...

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, 29th January 2013 at 04:27 PM (1950 Views)
Well, my first post on my Edugeek blog!! I have had the account since January 2010 and never even knew there was a Blogging platform, built in to the site!

I have loved Edugeek and its forums / blogs since I went to BETT in January 2010 (hence joining then!), and I am currently mega-excited (yes, I know, a little sad!) about BETT this year, as I am going up on Thursday.

What makes it better this year, is that I am taking a group of Year 13 BTEC students with me! This should be fun, and I can teach them exactly how to get as many freebees as possible. The best trick is to take spare and extra carrier bags!

Anyway, I shall report back after the event itself.
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  1. LickOfPaint's Avatar
    Hey Jom, just signed up myself!
    Keen to read about BETT. Can't go this year, but hopefully next time


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