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CA ARCserve® D2D: Recover Faster - Anyone using this for disaster recovery.

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by , 22nd March 2011 at 03:08 PM (1350 Views)
Hello all, this is my first ever newly created posts so please go easy on me if I ...... You know what I mean. Anyway, we are a Staffordshire High School with 2 X CC3 servers and 1 Admin Server and have sacked off all support this coming year from RM and SICT and are going it alone with only an RM software support only contract (which only really gives us Tech articles for our CC3 system and the ability to hotfix the servers to keep them up to date). We still have MIS support for the Admin network from SICT but that's it. We are using Backup Exec to zig zag all backups on CC3 and Admin at the moment to 2 X 12TB NAS boxes located in secure outbuildings which are fibre linked to the gigabit network. This will leave us without a Bare Metal Disaster Recovery soultion for the CC3 servers that I am comfortable with in case of a full meltdown. As such, I was hoping to get some of your advice on CA ARCserve® D2D as this is the way I am leaning at the moment but need to make a decision and get it all sorted before April 1 when we loose our support contracts.

Any of you using this. It looks and sounds good and for about £198.00 per server I am about to push the button, but.... What do you think?



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