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by , 24th April 2008 at 02:07 PM (2506 Views)
Just booked some tickets for the crucible for saturday morning!

Watching John Higgins vs Ryan Day.

Excitement! I'll be in the 4th row, so you might see me! Yay!

Anyone ever been? what's it like?


  1. ZeroHour's Avatar
    I wish I was there!
    Come on Higgins
  2. Joanne's Avatar
    As soon as I had bought the tickets it had sold out!!

    Tried to get some for4 the afternoon sessions too, but sold out. Will know to book in advance next time!

    I really wanted to see Ronnie O'Sullivan, but any potential match he could have been in had sold out! Boo Hoo!
  3. Domino's Avatar

  4. Joanne's Avatar
    any sport that doesn't involve running around is always good. I like darts, f1 and wrc too!


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