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Argh Tension!

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by , 24th April 2008 at 11:01 AM (1726 Views)
So I went for an interview on Tuesday and I thought it went rather well. I got told I would find out about it either on tuesday or wednesday... only I haven't been told yet. After speaking with my Uncle, who's partner works at the place where I had the interview... and who's sister went for an interview... he said that no news is good news.... whatever that means?!

I really want this job! My work place would be this massive reception area with a big desk and the opposite wall is glass with a nice view of the pitch at Burnley FC.... it's amazing!!

GAH! I really want to ring this woman... but I don't want to seem pushy. I guess if she hasn't rang me by the end of the day then I will e-mail her.



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