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Boo Hoo!

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by , 14th April 2008 at 10:43 AM (1735 Views)
Don't think I've got a jobsie that I was confident about... someone scored better on some technicial questions asked...

Got asked about repairing laptops and stuff... which I don't often do at work and I managed to repair a machine (after some prompting to look at the front of it - even though I got it to boot up fine)

They liked the fact I was confident and they said I would fit in well... but there was a bit of apprehension because I was female

Hopefully a guy will get back to me about the CCTV job interview I went for several weeks ago. Apparently he's been off sick... guess he can't help that. Still annoying that they don't tell you.

Oh well... back to the job centre plus website!

Oh wait! I have 2 applications pending somewhere else! Hmmm... maybe I can get one of those... (non technical - managing type jobsie for local project to help people start up their own businesses) OH the IRONY!!!!

Looking for jobs is depressing.


  1. localzuk's Avatar
    Yeah, I hated looking for jobs too. I applied for jobs with my existing employer, knowing I already had the skills, and knowledge of the university but they didn't even respond to me.

    I ended up moving 300 miles to the opposite end of the country, pretty much killing my relationship at the same time.

    Well, good luck with your other possibilities!!
  2. Joanne's Avatar
    I keep harassing the people who I have applied to asking them where they are up to and stuff... is that a bad thing? or does it show I'm keen?? :P
  3. localzuk's Avatar
    Lol, it depends. If you're going round and knocking on their doors at night then you may be seen as a bit too keen. If you are calling up every few days then that may be ok. There's a thin line between keenness and insanity :P
  4. Joanne's Avatar
    just a phone call here and there and an odd e-mail... so nothing too drastic. GAH! Just want another job!!
  5. mark's Avatar
    Get me one while you're at it - I can't be doing with the hassle either!


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