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by , 1st April 2008 at 04:39 PM (1868 Views)
Got through the day without being got. However, I didn't get anyone either

Saw someone being got though... which was most amusing!

aaaaaah go home now and tend to Chirpies... he needs powdering and then I think i'll clean him out. He hates it when I hold him... sulks at me for ages afterwards!! Hehe... silly birdy!



  1. strawberry's Avatar
    what breed is Chirpies ?
  2. Joanne's Avatar
    he's a canary...
  3. strawberry's Avatar
    ah, was expecting something bigger!. how does a canary sulk?
  4. Joanne's Avatar
    he sits there staring at you and looks generally grumpy. Normally he hops about his cage twittering you see.

    My chirpies has a big personality!! (or maybe its all in my head!)


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