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Sky and their incompetent salesmen

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by , 25th March 2008 at 09:52 AM (1452 Views)
So got sky installed on Monday. Thing is salesman insisted that we didn't need a bt line and that you didn't have to pay £11 a month... it's like £4... (lie)

"You have a BT Line", I'm pretty sure we don't... but whatever. (We don't have a BT line)

So gonna ring BT up and see how much it would be to activate a line. Is it £85??

Hope not.

Anyone know anyone who works for BT in the Burnley area?! hehe.

Actually there is a BT place round the corner from work... might pop in and see if they can do anything for me.

Hope our sky card comes through today then I can watch the colour of magic on sky one!


  1. russdev's Avatar
    Dont worry colour of magic is repeated about 1000000000 times on both sky one, two and three...

    Yes need bt line or cable line (think that ok) as long as the box can phone home.

    Alt is you pay sky some more money then dont need to keep it connected to a telephone point.

  2. Joanne's Avatar
    hmmm... got a cable... and the box has a connection. Prolly cheaper keeping the phone line that way.

    Thank you...

    and colour of magic is downloading today... I just cannot possibly wait!!
  3. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Watched it all in 1080 HD at mine last night
    Ace tv
    Sky does need a line. The interactive discount scheme (what russ is talking about paying for) I thought was all but dead as it used to be a constraint of having multiple sky boxes (only one discount per house).
    You will have a BT wired line probably but you shouldnt need to pay BT that much if you have ever had a BT account in the past. The only problem comes if the flat line has not been used in a while, then BT disconnect the line physically from the exchange to save power and then you can pay a reconnection fee.
    I am not up to date on BT's fee's right now though.
  4. mark's Avatar
    Apparently you can pay £25 to not be connected to BT:


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