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by , 26th June 2012 at 09:42 AM (911 Views)
one of the local charity's i help out asked me to have a quick look at up dating the events on there site as they are still back in 09 so i agreed to have a look. this is not currently a CMS website so meant downloading the pages making the edit an re uploading. [Supposed to be being changed to joomla By me]

first problem nobody knew the credentials for the site.

i emailed the host who had disabled access.
any way we were over paying by a lot so have moved hosts.
but i still cant get at our old files even tho they say that they have set up ftp access to them. and given us the username and password. i have asked what the server address is and as yet no response, why do i get the feeling the old hosters are incompetent.

also know body knew that the Host name was expiring at the the end of the month, so i am also glad i caught that one. and it has been sorted for the next 3 years.

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  1. mossj88's Avatar

    If it's just a plain old site you can just run a webcrawler to download all the css/html files then reupload on new host..

    HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL) is what I had used when I had to do it at my old school.

    Thanks, John
  2. januttall's Avatar
    I have already tried this with this software package but it misses out the images and some of the pages from our site so i dont know exactly where the stuff is stored or how the crawler works as it is all in the same web directory. i suspect some of them are linked in by a CSS sheet some where to be honest.

    also they are supposed to be supplying me with ftp access but as of yet they have only given me a username and password and when i asked what the server address was he gave me the name of his web hosting company. is it me or has some one lost the plot.
  3. januttall's Avatar
    i supposedly have the server address but i get a 530 error each time i try it 530=Authentication. i have no faith in this company what so ever.
  4. mossj88's Avatar
    Try what they've given you with "ftp." in front of it

    Also may be worth going back to that tool and checking the settings you did, as I can 100% vouch for it working (on the old website it was flash, images, css, javascript) and it got the lot (although I had to change settings, perhaps if you PM me the web address).
  5. januttall's Avatar
    can i ask which settings you changed. and ill try if from this end first. thanks shame i cant thank you in a blog
  6. januttall's Avatar
    finally. the website files from the old host have been emailed through to me in a zip file. total size 5.2 MB


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