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Customising SharePoint Usage Stats - Part One

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by , 14th February 2011 at 10:42 AM (6649 Views)
One of the first tasks I've been faced with in my new job is to get some sort of SharePoint usage reporting working. At first I thought this would be nice and easy, after all, SharePoint comes with a nice set of usage reporting which could simply be plugged in to some custom reporting modules - easy, yes?

No. The problem comes in that they want reporting for groups of users. These groups are currently ill-defined, conceptual groupings, so part of the first challenge is to deal with that by getting user management set up. For the time being I've put that off while I concentrate on a method for getting the reports working at all, with the added information that's required. After some hours of hunting I did manage to find this lovely post which was enough to make a start at least.

So after numerous meetings we have now settled on the actual information that needs to be reported, and I've thrown together a quick and dirty system design which'll allow for all of the stats processing to be done away from the SharePoint farm other than the initial collection. So far I've only got the usage receiver itself coded, since interfaces need to go through a few more discussions (Silverlight or no Silverlight, how customizable do the reports need to be, and so on) but I do at least seem to be getting a nice lost of HTTP posts going out with the information and can start building a web service to receive and log them.

If nothing else this should at least keep me out of trouble for a while. Any suggestions or ideas others might have, either for this area or the user management, are more than welcome.

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  1. zag's Avatar
    Very interested in this, I was just asked today to tell people who uses sharepoint 2010 the most.

    I would want to use the basic reports though.

    I've got my active directory sorted into year groups.

    How would you go about starting this?
  2. jamesb's Avatar
    That one's probably easier in a way - you could always just run the GetUsageData for each web object, import that into a data table and filter users with another foreach which looks through the user IDs from the report and creates a subset of the data based on your criteria.

    In fact that would be a lot easier than the method I'm currently looking at - I may have to look at doing the same thing myself rather than trying to hammer a custom receiver into the setup.

    For quicker building of a reporting app to do it, you could always grab Lightswitch. Currently it's in beta and looks pretty powerful.


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