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Customising SharePoint Usage Stats - Part Two

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by , 17th February 2011 at 10:24 AM (4416 Views)
Due to some, ahem, technical difficulties with getting the custom usage provider to actually trigger (registering wasn't a problem, and it did intercept the event, just never actually triggered it's own handler so I essentially spent several days in order to write a solution which comprehensively breaks usage logging) I've been re-evaluating my approach to this.

New method will still involve logging organisation IDs along with users (any direct memberships get logged with the user, chains are ignored to simplify report filtering), but will log these to a dedicated SQL table in the WSS_Logging database, along with Content Type details, and the custom fields of documents. Then it should be a simple case of creating View and Reports which leverage all of this and pipe them into SharePoint. I'll be putting the code up here once I know it's working.

Update - The code is now up in another blog entry, unfortunately it was too long to include in this one. Currently uncommented but essentially just collates the data required, processes it, fires it off to a couple of methods in order to turn the data into stored procedure calls for SQL, finds the local logging database for SQL and drops the data in through the stored procedures. The stored procedures are there to make sure that entries are updated rather than duplicated if they already exist.

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