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by , 20th April 2008 at 11:03 PM (1815 Views)
I intend to try and keep a daily run down of things I am up to, if nothing else to try and show that I do actually work for a living, but to also show the full range of what becoming manglement has done to me.

A quick break down of today.

1 - Mainly sorting out the demonstration Joomla site to show the Head and Business Manager tomorrow.

We had the firm that do our propaganda^Wpublicity materials (prospectus, letterheaded paper, etc) come in to look at a redisng of our website. It is aging and I have intended to migrate it but not had anywhere near the chance to. They showed their own CMS and whilst it is ok, it is not great leap. I have issues with the fact that they tried to play down Open Source answers and labelled Sharepoint as too complicated and needing a lot of training to understand what to do with it.

My response has been to set up a demo site, prepare it to show to a few people and then move it onto the RBC servers. 3 days ... and we now have a nice site which can be turned into an online presence for us to compliment whatever we end up doing with the Learning Platform.

2 - I have been trying to sort out an isue with our mail server not connecting to the RBC relay. After turning off all the AV / anti-spyware / IDS on the internal firewall it connects. No idea why it has gone down ... I can't see anything we have done, and I know that no config changes have happened at the RBC to affect it. Why I am working on it and not my NM? Because he has a young family and I would only have been sat at home whilst my wife marks work and plans lessons.

It has been a productive day, sorting out old photos, working out how best to 'sell' the school.

Tomorrow involves chats about the strike, but we have an extra training day tomorrow ... don't ask. We are all in but as much as I wanted to give the team some time for CPD a number of things have come up that means things will need to be moved around.

They have a suite of 15 Macs to image and a suite of 30 PCs. Not to mention security labelling them using SmartWater.

I will be preparing stats for a meeting with Heads of Year on Wednesday as well as chasing down people before Friday's Northants IT Managers' Meeting.


  1. conehead's Avatar
    SmartWater, blimey that's a blast from the past. There was a push for it about 5yrs ago here, most of the kit marked at the time is in PC heaven now, it left a funny coloured stain too!
  2. apearce's Avatar
    because you haven't done a blog post in 6 months does that mean you haven't do any work ;-)
  3. GrumbleDook's Avatar
    There has been a little thing called work to do that has gotten in the way.
    I now have a sharepoint related blog on the go and concentrating on twitter too.
    Twitter / grumbledook


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