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Let there be light..

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by , 25th March 2008 at 12:04 PM (3045 Views)
....or not in this case. One of my UPS' overloaded with perfect timing on Thursday night, taking the Web Server and the Citrix farm with it. So we had 4 days of downtime on the VLE. But it could of been worse, it could of been coming up to GCSE exams.

Now I'd like to fix this properly, I really would. But the particular place we've chosen to install this server rack has some issues with power distribution. Basically even if I did sort out the UPS I would have no where to run power to it.


  1. Domino's Avatar
    ......exercise bike then?
  2. Joanne's Avatar
    or hamster wheel!
  3. Geoff's Avatar
    I was thinking about using 6th formers actually.
  4. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Just organise PE classes around the wheel
  5. Geoff's Avatar
    Yes, I was considering some conan-esque 'wheel of pain' type of affair.

  6. Joedetic's Avatar
    Probably wouldn't fit in our server room. We'd have to convert the VI Form centre I think in the interests of shortest distance for power transmission.


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