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It's all getting terribly complicated!

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by , 16th August 2011 at 09:34 AM (1993 Views)
One of my Summer tasks has been to get SIMS migrated from our ageing server onto a new Server. I've gone down the route of hosting it on a virtual machine based on a XenServer Host. First impressions are all good so far.

In all the planning of this and arranging for Capita to do the migration, you suddenly realise how many other systems feed off your SIMS database and these too need either migration or re-configuring. These include simple things like the Frog SIMS Extractor right up to our Cashless Catering System. I guess its just amazes me just how many systems we have in place now that we need to ensure keep running. Documentation as always is going to be be the key.

And on another note, I know it's been discussed and argued about SIMS relicense cost if converting to an Academy. But, we have just fallen foul of this and have just had to give £13k to Capita! For what? Doing nothing! Relicense a bit of software we already use. No other software company has made these demands of us. Shame on you Capita.

We paid almost the same amount again in Solicitor fees doing the conversion who have worked tirelessly for us to ensure a smooth process and earnt every penny.



  1. Dave_O's Avatar

    Like you I have nothing but utter contempt for Capita. You were lucky we paid £24,000 for the privilidge. I now spend my days trying to find ways to undermine and destroy Capita ES and all who sail in her. We avoid giving them money at all costs. Am I bitter and twisted? Damn right!

    Dave O


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