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IT Coincidences

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by , 21st April 2011 at 12:06 PM (1482 Views)
There I was, thought I'd have a go at implementing a VLAN on the Core switch yesterday. Just to prove the concept and make sure I've got it clear in my head what to do. I telnet into the Switch and start tweaking some settings, next thing I know connectivity to the Internet Stops.. What have I done? I look at the steps I took, and all seems well. I then revert all the settings back to their initial settings and still no Internet.

Quick phone call to SWGfL and it would appear an outage has just happened! Why did this have to happen when I'm tweaking something major. Two hours later we were back on line.

VLAN didn't work right anyway, obviously missing something so I need to look at things again but I've just lost all the will to live at the moment!



  1. jimmy_2k's Avatar
    haha an oh dear what have I done moment. I need to teach myself how to setup VLANs soon I know the concept of what I need to do but I haven't done it before.
  2. andyturpie's Avatar
    One that springs to mind,years back when I worked for royal mail, I was delivering a powerpoint presentation to staff and managers on an ancient meaty proxima projector. I had finished the presenation for the day when I went to the back of the projector and flicked the power rocker switch. As I had done that, the whole sorting office was plunged into darkness. After a pregnant pause, i uttered the words "Oh Sh!t" as all the sorting machines ground to a halt and everyone was evacuated.

    The guilt finally lifted when after investigation, that across the road, where a hotel was being built, a JCB digger had gone through our mains cables at exactly the same time as me switching off the projector.


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