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Working in a School should come with a health warning!

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by , 22nd March 2011 at 08:08 PM (2243 Views)
I've been in my post now for just over three years; I'm loving the job but there is one thing I've noticed since I started here.....

I seem to be suffering from higher than usual amount of colds, sniffles and other such horrible things. Normally, I wouldn't take more than a day off per year due to some sort of sickness, but since being here I feel like I'm taking more.

I guess its working around all these little darlings that does it. But, I just seem to feel like crap at the moment and takes so long to get over things. Maybe I'm just getting old!



  1. john's Avatar
    Agreed, my techy would agree on that as well, he came to us from Industry and has found himself, despite having young kids himself, that you get more sniffles and feeling pants within the school than out of it

    You soon build up immunity to it, my advice when you feel it coming, 1000mg Vitamin C tablets in a pint of water, that soon helps boost the immune system
  2. zag's Avatar
    When I first started in a school I was ill for 6 months constantly, but havn't had a cold in 5 years now.

    I guess the immunity built up
  3. sparkeh's Avatar
    Had some cold/flu or other on and off for around 6 months now. Its getting ridiculous.


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