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Windows 7 Accusing Us of Illegal Software

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by , 5th January 2011 at 03:36 PM (2992 Views)
We've come back this term with a whole load of machines complaining that Windows 7 is not genuine. How nice; after all the money we spend with Microsoft and the various backflips we have to do to get our KMS server working correctly we're being accused of running illegal software!

It would turn out that during the Xmas break I created a new Prism Package which was the new SIMS Update installation. Rather than let SIMS update itself this time round (because it doesn't always work), I thought I'll let our software deployment system do it instead and all appeared well with that. It would appear that sucked up in this package was the Windows 7 Security Identification of the host machine I created the package on which obviously wrecked havoc with all the machines it was sent to. All the affected machines lost the Product ID key so we couldn't just force a new activation against our KMS server, instead we're having to install the generic volume licensing key using slmgr /ipk switch which then forces the activation on the KMS.

Licensing - I love it really, more back flips and hoops to jump through and time wasted getting software running we legally own!



  1. hhaywood000's Avatar
    Have you tried using the VAMT as a gui to manage KMS? Its quick and easy and a good visual guide to status


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