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Graham Alexander Who?

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by , 23rd November 2010 at 01:49 PM (1240 Views)
Been tasked with looking into implementing an internal VOIP phone system to link up some buildings that don't have phone lines installed.

Have been looking at things like 3CX and AsteriskNow (with Freepbx).

Have to say that I really do like the look of 3CX; windows based, really easy to setup and configure but its going to cost if we want to have more than 4 people talking at one. Also been told there is no money.

So, looking at AsteriskNOW, and its stretching my Linux knowledge abit but I'm getting there and quite pleased that I've got a basic system up and running.

Today I took delivery of two Grandstream GXP-1200 IP Phones that I got cheap of eBay and got them configured to work. Again, it's all very basic at the moment but I'm taking great joy in wandering around the school, plugging in the phone and calling my tech back in the office; People are looking at me as if I'm bonkers because at the end of the day to them its just a 'phone', but only use techs can get excited about how it works rather than it just 'working'.



  1. budgester's Avatar
    Have a look at some splicecom kit.
  2. stariq's Avatar
    i did the same times 50 phones!
    Splicecom kit is blinking good!
    i walked around school, found phones in places i never knew existed - even found a payphone!
    it helps me because i can check all the installs one by one and yep i did get the wired looks too
  3. januttall's Avatar
    i have played with the normal asterix configuration on a ubunto machine and its verry versatile and once you have a user working it just simply a case of copying there config and changing the finer details such as extention number the onlything i had an isue with was the codex used by the software virsions of the Voip but it was just a simple addition of one line saying that it does come with a web interface ready for changing settings however i havent used it


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