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Pasma Training - Done!

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by , 1st September 2010 at 08:24 PM (863 Views)
Today was something different; our recent refurbishment and asbestos removal program thats been running for nearly 18 months is finally coming to an end. The last phase being the main hall. Being a Performing Arts College we've had a new acoustic ceiling installed with a new lighting rig put in place, new sound system along with a new projector which has multiple input points around the hall.

This new rig is some 7 metres up, which obviously will require the stage technician to climb a free standing tower on occasions to adjust and maintain the lights along with our us getting access to the projector at least once a year to clean out, etc.

To do this legally, you need a pasma certification which enables you to climb an Alluminium Freestanding Tower. Your breaking all sorts of H&S laws if you even attempt to climb such a tower without this certification! Today the building project manager organised with the School such a course which involved a short theory test along with a practical assessment of building/dismantling a tower which is at least 4.2m tall. We all passed, so another certification to add and now the school has 4 pasma trained and certified staff. (You legally need two people to build such a tower).

Very useful, interesting, informative and quite enjoyable day in all.

Staff back tomorrow though, so back to the normal routine.

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