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Windows 7 - First Live Test

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by , 21st July 2010 at 07:37 PM (1069 Views)
Today we did a real world test on our Windows 7 system.

We've built a ICT Suite that is due to come on-line this September and invited 5 students to come in and try it out. I moved their accounts temporarily into the OUs we have setup for Windows 7 and moved them to the appropriate Security Groups and got them to log in. Sophos was installed and running, along with Impero V3.0.38 and we're still using CSE but not using their Workspace, purely using the CSE System to build and administer the start menus, application and printer deployment.

I asked them to do a number of tasks, like trying out some of the new features of windows 7 accessories (Sniping Tool, etc), have a go at the new Office 2010 System. Create files, save, re-open, etc, etc with the Head of ICT watching over as well. Now I'm pleased to say that it went very well and got generally positive feedback from the Students, only a couple of minor issues to resolve with a program install, but generally all good. One complained that Aero wasn't running, but I explained we've disabled that by default anyway due to the age of certain machines and also to help Impero run correctly.

What is worth noting, that these machines we did this test on weren't nice shiney new ones, but quite old Dell Optiplex 210L Desktops with 2Gb of RAM, P4 2.8Ghz Processors. No fancy graphics card and they ran extremely well.

I've even installed Win7 on a number of 'Admin' machines that run in seperate OUs with Loop Back as these don't have the CSE system installed. Again, feedback from the Staff has been really positive.

So, we've now got a green light to deploy.

Is been a tough few months; we started this journey back in February fine tuning the end users experience, working out the deployment system and then ensuring that all the software we have is still use and what is can then be installed or upgraded to ensure it works under Win7. My team have done an excellent job in getting this working, and external companies like Impero and CSE have been quite responsive in assisting with the issues that we've encountered.

I can only hope and pray that it all goes well over the Summer and won't go all belly up in September.

Fingers crossed!




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