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KMS - Another Hoop Jumped Through.....

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by , 8th July 2010 at 11:37 PM (788 Views)
Following on from a blog way back:

I've finally got round to getting the KMS Server setup ready for when we start our Windows Deployment in a few weeks. It's a bit odd that you can setup a KMS on a Windows 2003 Server and a Windows 2008R2 server but not a Windows 2008 Server! Not if you want to activate Windows 7 Clients!!! My domain consists of a number of 2008 Servers and a 2003 SP2 Domain Controller. So for me, for now, it had to be the 2003 Server.

Not just a simple case of installing it and away you go, but you have to update it to version 1.2 so you can use 2008 R2 KMS Keys which you need for Windows 7. What you also have to do is make sure you restart your server after doing the update to 1.2! Can't restart a server during School Hours, let alone the DC! And yes, you really do! I thought "Nah, don't be silly, shouldn't need to restart a server surely???!" Oh yes you do.....!

Pass the bucket of fish while I do yet another triple back sumersault with half pike through a Microsoft hoop!



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