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Office 2010 joins our Windows 7 Journey

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by , 6th May 2010 at 10:08 AM (760 Views)
Our Windows 7 Testing is continuing. Testing is going well and so far so good. A few little issues to be resolved by third party software suppliers which I'm hoping will be fixed soon.

Had an issue with a new Dell Optiplex 380 that wasn't playing nice with WDS, but Fatmas seems to have fixed that now.

Office 2010 has been released to Volume customers, so I'd thought I'll take a look and see wether or not including Office 2010 in our Windows 7 deployment would be an upgrade too far. Head of ICT seems keen to include it, but I need to make sure.

So downloaded, had a quick play with the Office Customisation Toolkit and created a .MSP file and all files are at a network share to install from. Then took a freshly installed Windows 7 machine to install Office 2010 to.

First impressions...... "oh.... how dull !" One teacher mentioned it looks like Windows 3.11! And, I agree with them.

Gone back into the OCT and removed the Outlook Add-Ins straight away!

Just downloaded the .ADMX files and copied to the central store and time to have a play. With a hope of 'sprucing' things up a bit.

Will report back.




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