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Server Hard Drive Failure

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by , 25th May 2010 at 10:36 AM (887 Views)
Had a hard drive failure on what is known as our Recovery Manager Server yesterday. This is a box which sits seperately from our main server room. The main file server has an agent installed which monitors various shares; every time a user hits save, a copy is written to the Recovery Manager Server. Users are then able to recover up to 10 previous versions of any file and folder held in their home area. Its a sort of an extension of Volume Shadow Copying and saves a lot of time and effort as we very rarely have to recover anything from tape and provides instant backups of files.

The software comes part of our CSE System, but is actually written by a company called Flux2Fusion ( and proves itself over and over again. Teachers love it as even if a little darling has deleted their file, they can usually get back the last saved version almost instantly.

Now, the recovery manager server itself had a hard drive failure yesterday which resulted in the Software not working which I thought was odd as it has two hard drives installed and should be at least running RAID1. However, whoever set it up set the System Partition as RAID 1 but the Data partition as a spanned volume (ie. RAID0). So, all our previous versions have gone! I should have noticed it before hand, but because of the age of this machine I had ear marked it to be replaced this year anyway but because of budget squeezes the powers that be are not letting me.

Quick dash off to PC World to get a couple of new 1TB hard drives, broke the mirror installed new hard drive, created new mirror, broke mirror again and installed 2nd new hard drive the system is now up and running and
currently generating a mirror of the data partition.

Could have been a heat related failure, as this server does sit in a small room which has no air con and both drives did seem very hot although the room itself did not feel that hot at the time.




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