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Exchange 2007 Services

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by , 29th March 2010 at 12:46 PM (888 Views)
Well, I've just been a pit of a Tail Spin over an interesting problem.

We had a scheduled power outage this weekend due to electrical work on site. So on Saturday morning I was in to shut down all the servers and then back again in the afternoon to start them all up again. Thankfully, no hard drive failures this time and all seemed well.

Came in this morning to an interesting problem; some people couldn't access their e-mail as Outlook 2007 was complaining that it couldn't resolve their name to the Server as it wasn't online. However, a lot of other people (myself included) had no problem.

It became apparent that if you logged onto a machine that you hadn't done before, it couldn't set up the connection. If you logged onto a machine that was already configured then all appeared fine. Some google results were pointing to the Autodiscovery service not working correctly.

The Event Log was showing an expired self signed certificate, but we don't actually use it anyway as we have another certificate installed for all the main services. Still, I renewed this and reset the IIS Services just to be sure; still no joy.

I took a closer look at the properties for the mailboxes of an affected user, and all seemed fine until I tried to make a change and got the error:

An Exchange 2007 server on which an address list service is active cannot be found.

Quick google search revealed that the 'Microsoft Exchange System Attendant' service needed starting. Yep; looked at the services list and this service was indeed not running even though it was set to Automatic. Set it running, and all is now well.

Most odd, but thought it might be worth blogging if someone else has a similar issue. Why this didn't start up on startup I do not know.




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