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Reconfigure whole rack just for a Dell Server

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by , 11th April 2009 at 12:44 PM (946 Views)
I admit it, I'm a Dell tart. Always have been. Always been impressed mainly with their support and never had problems.

Recently I've had to purchase a new Server for Exchange 2007 that I'm implementing. And spent a lot of time with suppliers working out an affordable spec and deciding on a particular brand. I was very close to purchasing another HP/Compaq ML380 G5, but in the end plumped for a Dell 2950 as again, the support included a 4 hour response which still brought it in cheaper than other makes without this level of support.

So, the server turned up and I spent sometime setting it up, configuring it in the office and overal I'm quite pleased with it. Seems like a nice robust bit of kit, with no fuss and now running Server 2008 with Exchange 2007 nicely.

So, down to the server room with it to install the rails and the server. However, the server rails won't fit!!!! My racks are a standard depth, but the narrower 600mm wide which shouldn't be an issue anyway.

E-Mails to my account manager prove fruitless, saying that Dell are also confused as they have never had this problem before.

But here's the problem. All the other kit in the racks fit with no issues. Compaq servers, APC UPS', Intel Servers, etc. No problems, but not the Dell stuff.

On discussions with other people and on closer investigation, the Dell Rack Kits require the vertical strutts to be closer together to fit! So, this has involved removing all kit from one rack (downing the SIMS server and others, moving it temporarily and setting it up elsewhere) so I can unbolt and move forward the rear vertical strutt. Then down the servers again and put everything back. Felt like a kid again with a gigantic mechanno kit!

Good excuse to have a bit of a tidy up on one rack, but over half a day of my time wasted just because the Dell racks won't follow every other vendor!!!!

New Dell Server now happily in rack.

Will it stop me buying a Dell Server again? No... I'm just a Dell tart really. Just watch out if you buy a Dell!



  1. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
    Have to admit Im a bit of a Dell server fan too. Got loads of the 860s and R200s. Awesome kit, and cant argue on the warranty support either. I came across the rails issue too - but as all the kit is Dell, with the Dell rails - once I figured the problem when getting the first one in...all sorted. Good call though blogging it!


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