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...and relax!

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by , 12th September 2009 at 10:59 AM (683 Views)
So, after all the hardwork over Summer I got called into the ICT Teachers Departmental Meeting to talk about what we done over the Summer and get their feedback after the first full week back.

Haven't posted for a while, been busy doing the following....

1. Implemented new XenServer which is now running four virtual machines. This has enabled us to switch off two old servers that needed replacing and split the roles on to these seperate virtual machines. Performance has been excellent with no issues at all. Been watching the real time performance graphs on the XenConsole during key times and the server doesn't even break into a sweat. Nice.

2. Due to refurbishment and on-going Asbestos removal programme this year, have had to move Server Room to a new location. This has also ment that we've put in a complete new Fibre backbone. Now running a proper star configuration with all new HP ProCurve kit. Nice to have proper containment of the main fibre runs, but time was tight. New fibres were only lit up two days before the staff came back!

3. Two new ICT suites implemented, with one of these having fancy Folio desks which enables the Monitors to be pushed down into the desks. Installed 26 new PC's into each room.

4. A further 80 news PC's installed around the School in existing ICT Suites, with the machines coming out being upgraded (memory) and re-distributed to replace some really old machines that are put aside ready for re-cycling.

5. Setting up Ruckus Mesh Wireless Network in temporary mobile classrooms along with PC in each (8 classrooms in total) and Projetor, Amp, etc also.

6. Move into new office. Although this is still a mess, but we have so much more space now!

7. Finally migrated ALL users over to Exchange 2007 and transferred the SMTP feed over to SWGfL. Apart from a few issues with the latest Security Roll-Up the server is performing very well.

8. Implemented the Devizes School Book System and ditched the CSE based one.

Half term break is going to be equally busy as our new modular builds will be ready bringing 21 new classrooms which need the network setting up and hardware installing. This along with moving the equipment out of the temporary mobiles back into the School and setting up again.

The following year will be much the same during the refurbishment as each phase of the programme requires classrooms to be emptied, moved and put back!

Thankfully have a good team working with me! But I'm knackered and need a break! Can't believe I'm already thinking about what I want to put in place for next September already!

As always, IT is a thank-less task and people only complain when it doesn't work. But some people have commented on the improvements.




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