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Licensing! Why do I have to jump through hoops?

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by , 19th March 2009 at 10:45 AM (629 Views)
Don't normally post to blogs, but I may start.

I'm getting sick and tired of having to jump through hoops to get a bit of software working that we've paid a license for.

I appreciate these companies want to protect their products but, when it gets in the way of day to day running then I start to get annoyed.

More so, when even though I've licensed a product, due to a glitch or whatever the software then enjoys informing me that I'm running illegal software and really enjoys telling the whole School about it!!

Pass the fish, I need to jump through a few more hoops as we've just had another software product arrive on our desk that needs 'activating' to work! FFS!!!



  1. localzuk's Avatar
    I know the feeling. We have a package here which we've bought a 'single user license' for, for our SEN department.

    Installed, working ok. Then suddenly it stops working. Can't authenticate against the company's license server.

    So, calling them, they tell us 'Single User licenses won't work on a computer that is connected to a network, it is intended for home users'. Explaining that home users are also connected to a network, it being called 'the internet' didn't seem to matter.

    They refused to provide any support and say they will refund it only. Nice eh?


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