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Ease of Access - Full Screen Magnifer

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by , 29th November 2012 at 01:19 PM (1350 Views)
Haven't blogged for a while, but like too when I get one of those 'I didn't realise that' moments.....

We've got a number of Visually Impaired kids here at the school, who make use of the Magnifer built into Windows 7. I've got them in a seperate security group which switches on an extra folder in the Start Menu giving access to the Ease of Access tools. Always thought it worked well, select magnifier and a docked version of the application runs. However, I was informed today that it should be full screen magnification but this is greyed out as an option. It would appear that this option is only available when your using the Aero theme. Well, I didn't realise that!

I, by default have all the student accounts set to to Windows 7 Basic theme within the main student lockdown GPO as I can't guarantee the graphic performance of all our machines. So, created an additional GPO with a higher link order and set the security to run for the Visually Impaired Group only which sets the Theme to Aero along with allowing them to change sizes of the Mouse Pointers, etc. Job done.




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