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SonicWall SSL VPN Firmware V6 Released

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by , 21st April 2012 at 02:31 PM (5777 Views)
For those who use SonicWall SSL VPN devices a couple of days ago a new version of the firmware was released adding some nice new features. For myself the most notable one is support for Mac OS X Lion.

  • A few more nice new features include:
  • Endpoint Control Polices. This can check if the client has up to date AV, is a member of your domain if desired
  • If you have the virtual appliance or a SRA 4200.
  • ActiveSync support. The appliance will allow you to use ActivSync without opening ports to an exchange server.
  • Cross Domain Single Sign On - Would be handy for those who have an admin and curriculum domain.

Release notes can be found here.


  1. Dantech's Avatar

    I have had Sonic Wall for about three years now and wondered how costly it is to get a firmware update. How or where do you go for the cheapest price on this. Our Sonic Wall SSL VPN box has been 100% reliable and used everyday, but I would like to improve access for Mac Users.

  2. FN-GM's Avatar

    In the job i work at one of the first jobs what’s to buy one. We purchased ours for £1,800. This included the physical box, licenses, support for 3 years and 3 years upgrades. We got them from Kelway. I am not sure how much it would cost you to get the new firmware.

    What appliance do you have?
  3. Dantech's Avatar
    Ours is a Sonic Wall SSL-VPN 4000 which alows for way more users simultaneously connecting than we ever get but the Head at the time insisted on it thinking that maybe three clesses would try to login remotely at the same time!. I have never seen more than 12 users on at once!

    It was supplied as a remote access solution by a company but for some reason we did not buy the firmware upgrades which I regret now.


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