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Off to the 'Real World'

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by , 16th March 2011 at 10:22 AM (1718 Views)
Well I've landed my self a new job out in the private sector starting on Monday. If working in schools has tought me anything it's that things are almost not what they appear to be, and that stupidity if often the cause of many issues. I'm hoping that this new post will be slightly less of the stupid and allow me to get down to some productive rather than fire fighting work.

I've been hanging around here since my first mentor introduced edugeek to me way back in 2007 (ok not that way back, but it feels like it), and it's been a really useful resource. Back then the site was aimed at the Educational IT Tech, it's been good to see that we are now not just a community for education but also for the wider community. I for one will be hanging around.

As part of my move i'm going to blog my experience of moving into the 'real world' and see what lessons can be learnt and feed back to education.

Who knows it might even be interesting....


  1. CAM's Avatar
    Good luck! Do hang around and you can always chip in with the private sector viewpoint.


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