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The Saga of Impero

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by , 27th October 2010 at 11:14 AM (5609 Views)
In the days of Windows XP we used Impero V2 to monitor our network and ensure students were behaving appropriately in lessons. The console could be a hit or miss sometimes but it was quick and we could monitor workstations without a decrease in performance.

Fast forward to Windows 7 and Impero V3:

Ever since Impero V3 (Currently at version 3.0.53) has been running, we have noticed websites "sticking" when loading and our Frog VLE performing slowly. Infact it happens so consistantly that when disabling the Impero SVC and Guardian services, we were suprised at how quick our internet connection is. Pages load almost instantly and Frog whizs through without any problems at all.

We are also having problems with printing since updating to version 3.0.53 but we have since been told that is down to a corrupt install package.

If we enable the relevant Impero services on a machine, clicking on links can cause websites to hang for up to ten seconds before loading, Frog stutters and web performance slows right up.

Not one to shy away from unbiased testing, I have tested and experienced this problem on numerous machines, under different usernames (Admin and student) and have even recorded my findings using CamStudio (A great piece of free software by the way).

Video evidence:

The difference is more than noticable, my NM (FragglePete) has just been in contact with them and they have suggested a few tweaks to cure this issue.

Let's hope it works because if it doesn't, some decisions are going to have to be made.

Watch this space...


  1. ful56_uk's Avatar
    we are having the same issues, was told it would be fixed in 3.0.53 what tweaks have you suggested?
  2. FragglePete's Avatar
    Lets be fair to Impero here, the support has been excellent. The guys from Support remoted in today and spent a good half hour looking at the issue and believe they know what the issue is. Hopefully a fix will be forthcoming.

  3. ful56_uk's Avatar
    Completely agree, there support has been first class
  4. john's Avatar
    Interesting, they are pushing hard for sales at present, I may just mention I have heard of some issues, what's occurring with them as I don't like the sound of the problems.
  5. FragglePete's Avatar
    We've been using Impero from V2 for coming up for three years now and it has been a fantastic product; worth every penny as it resolved a number of issues we were having. As soon as word got out at how sophisticated the monitoring was, things settled down. It was amazing how a few detentions (and letters home) backed up with evidence to show them (and their parents) brought the kids back in line.

    V3 had to be re-written from the ground up for Windows 7, and yes its had its problems, but as I've mentioned their support team are very responsive, very professional and will deal with any issue like they are with us at the moment. The latest version we have v3.0.53 feels so much better but just a small issue at the moment which they have identified and are fixing.

    The issue we've got we can work around by tweaking Impero when a user logs in and as a result with have decent Internet speed and monitoring (with a couple of elements disabled), but Impero have already contacted me this morning with a potential fix which we're trying. I have every confidence in Impero and will continue its use as I know its backed up by a decent team who won't just fob you off with an excuse.

    Updated 29th October 2010 at 12:51 PM by FragglePete (Added a bit more as I ran out of time earlier!)
  6. Fatmas's Avatar
    I should have said and do agree that from what I've seen, the support has been excellent.

    As Pete touched on, a fix has been tried this morning so fingers crossed they are close to the solution.

    It's annoying the problem occurs at all as it has become such an important part of our job within the school. The ability to monitor the network, block inappropriate sites, content and language and to remotely control computers makes it worth what we pay, this is why we are so desperate for a fix.
  7. KWestos's Avatar
    Just be wary of the policies!!!! We created a policy to shut down the pc's at pre-determined times. But I mistakingly scheduled it for there and then and it shut the server down (luckily it only had impero on it). Every time I booted up the server - it shut down. There was absolutely no way into the server except safe mode and then manually deleting the entry from the xml file. It's a bloody nightmare. Granted I should never have 'mistakingly' ticked the enable schedule now in the frirst place
  8. garethedmondson's Avatar
    @KWestos - yes I agree with you there. The best way to avoid this is never to install the client on a server. Just keep the server software for the server and use a desktop machine to control it.

    @FragglePete/@Fatmas - It is an excellent product I agree. We have not been give .53 yet but I agree with you that the support is excellent and updates come regularly.

  9. garethedmondson's Avatar
    It's been a while since anyone posted to this blog post, but with version 3100 of Impero released and a 3103 update released how are people getting along now?



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