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Technology Enables Learning. What a Concept!

Trends and predictions

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, 28th February 2009 at 07:06 PM (1728 Views)
I've been thinking about where ICT in the classroom is headed, the speed at which technology is entering classrooms and the speed at which teachers are keeping up.

The equation doesn't balance.

Laptops, PDA, iPods, Smart Boards... all connected with WiFi networks. So there's your "21st century classroom"

Now, mix in some tweens, teens and sugar + a teacher with very little training & PD.

I keep hearing this term, "clasroom management". I'm sorry -- it's got nothing to do with network management and remote desktop support fellas. That's a given and it should be built into the device's OS.

Focus on the activities and teacher needs for once and you begin to realize the "classroom OS" is missing (and I don't mean OS X or Windows).

Sometimes it seems like vendors have thrown teachers into a Porche 911 with no steering wheel and a big red heavy brick on the gas peddal



  1. SYNACK's Avatar
    Your right, some teachers are completely unqualified to teach anything involving IT and should be retrained with a fuller skillset before they are assigned to teach anyting involving IT. Despite your objections classroom managment is important as has been proven time and again in may locations. If the teacher is not paying attention the equipment can and does get vandalised, this is nothing to do with software and hardware should not have to be literally bomb proof to survive.

    The 21st century classroom does exist and is often not the problem, some 21st century teachers on the other hand...
  2. localzuk's Avatar
    Classroom management is one of the most important skills a teacher should have. Without it, the school could have the best resources on the planet and could be at the bottom of the league and in special measures.

    Teachers are being wowed by modern technology, and like all good people, see it as an easy way to reduce the strain on them. The outcome being that they stop actually being good teachers.


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