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Making a Bootable USB Stick

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by , 31st August 2009 at 12:51 AM (2714 Views)
So it seems to be coming more of a common thing now people using USB sticks to install Operating Systems, one thing people seem to have a problem is.. is making the USB Bootable.

Well say no more, it takes about 5 minutes and all you need is command prompt no need for 3rd party software.

~*This only works with Windows Vista/7*~

1) Open Command Prompt

2) cd \ {ENTER}

3) diskpart {ENTER}

4) list disk {ENTER}

5) select disk 1 {ENTER} (if that is your memory stick)

6) clean {ENTER}

7) create partition primary {ENTER}

8) select active partition {ENTER}

9) active {ENTER}

10) format fs-NTFS {ENTER} (may take a few seconds)

11) assign {ENTER}

12) exit {ENTER}

13) Put in your Media (Windows Vista / 7)

14) Go back to Command Prompt


D = Optical Drive Letter



G = USB Drive Letter

18) Copy Windows 7 Content to Flash Drive

and there you go, simple put USB stick into your laptop/desktop/netbook and boot from it.

I am just grabbing my notes to create a Gui so you can have mutiple operating systems on 1 disk, and then i'll add that.

Hope it helps



  1. CAM's Avatar
    Good guide and very useful. Same method I used today.

    Quick warning though, BOOTSECT requires Administrator priviledges and will fail if you open the Command Prompt normally in Windows Vista (or Windows XP as a limited user). Users need to do the BOOTSECT portion of the guide using a Command Prompt opened by right clicking it in the Start Menu and choosing Run As Administrator. Otherwise it just says "Cannot trace a path to disk. Access Denied."

    This bit confused the hell out of me until I tried a command prompt with Administrator permissions and my problems were fixed.

    You can also jsut copy the files to a USB stick and run Setup while logged into Windows Vista if you want to cheat a bit. It copies enough files to C:\ to boot to Windows Setup to finish the job.
  2. Alis_Klar's Avatar
    spotted a typo
    in line 10 it should read "format fs=NTFS"


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