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Card Readers and Mapped Network Drives

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by , 16th April 2012 at 08:32 PM (5599 Views)
Just this past Easter break I was tasked with installing about 60 or so new machines in the media centers in our district. It wasn't until the end of the deployment that I discovered that mapped drives assigned via the login script weren't working properly as the card readers were taking up the letters. Moving the mapped drives higher up in the alphabet wasn't going to fly as it would affect every user on the network, and there wasn't any group policy setting that would allow you to set the first available drive for removable media, so I was looking at having to revisit every machine and disable the readers. Enter Microsoft's command line utility version of the device manager, Devcon.

You'll need the deviceID for the card reader in question and this can be obtained through device manager. If all the readers you're tying to disable are the same make/model, then this will be same for all of them. Copy the entire string.


Now the syntax to disable said card reader will look like this. Just replace the deviceID shown with your own. If the need arises, this utility also supports wild cards.

devconx64 -disable "USB\VID_0644&PID_0200&REV_0408"
This can be pushed out a number of ways; I wound up going ahead and creating a GPO and setting it up as a startup script. Startup scripts run with machine credentials and will have the permissions necessary to disable hardware. If you choose to incorporate this solution into a login script, then this will run with the user's credentials. So be sure the user logging in has local admin privileges.

One last note, the download for Devcon from Microsoft includes x32 and an ia64 version. Obviously ia64 is for the Itanium architecture and won't do any good for the majority of us out there. There is an x64 build, but it is only available through a resource CD or something of the like and not as a standalone download. So I've attached a zip to this post containing both the x32 and x64 versions for convenience.

I hope this helps.

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  1. SYNACK's Avatar
    You may not need to disable them entirely, pushing out this USB Drive Letter Manager - USBDLM with some config should work too.


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