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Cashless Catering System - Cunnighams and Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd

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by , 21st April 2011 at 08:44 PM (6721 Views)
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We have just ordered NRS here after demos of cunninghams vericool. NRS stood out as the software seemed the most user friendly, front and backend and is entirely there own unlike the others. The tills and readers also seemed much more robust.


  1. rsenior's Avatar
    We have had the Nrs system for 12 months now,it works very well with parentpay and biometrics . The frontend and backed are excellent with even our catering manager being able to work about 90%. Hardest thing ,we had to do was setup menus which took an afternoon.
  2. PaulHughes's Avatar
    If you're interested in a payment collection and communications service then ParentMail +Pay has recently partnered with NRS. You get a heavyweight communications tool included allowing schools to set up auto-reminders as well as easily chasing low or overdue payments or balances from parents by email or text. Importantly parents aren't forced to pay for text reminders on low balances.

    Cunninghams/CRB are currently in final stages of integration testing with ParentMail and we expect them to be operational in the next few weeks.

    Gladstones, MH systems & Sharp retail systems are also currently in testing phase with ParentMail and Vericool will start shortly. We hope to have ALL the major CC providers integrated with ParentMail ready for the next school year.



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