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We're here (or there, depending on your point of view)!

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by , 25th June 2011 at 12:31 PM (2723 Views)
After 2 days of travel we are finally here in Philadelphia, admittedly in a hotel by the airport 7 miles from the city centre and wondering why I'm wide awake at 5am local time.
I HATE jet-lag
Travel from Preston to London went without a hitch on Virgin Trains and all was well as I made wy way to Kings Cross St Pancras tube station, swiped my Oyster card and made my winding way down to the Picadilly line to get the tube to the hotel at Heathrow. Mere meters from the platform the emergency alarms went off with a lovely 'An emergency has been delared. Everyone is to evacuate the station now' message. Cue hundreds of passengers crowding entrances and streets all around the station and my having to go back to Euston to get the tube to Green Park to re-join the Picadilly line. It's just a shame everyone else had the same idea. Not fun when you're lugging 2 bags and a laptop backpack
Anyway, I've now had a taste of the kind of journey Shaun had to make when he visits London before he discovered the Heathrow Express, and it's not fun!
The BA flight was nice, well, as nice as 7 hours in a plane can be, and the hotel had a courtesy bus to get us from the terminal to our place of residence for the week. and jet lag prevented us from taking a trip into town last night.
But it's a new day now and we'll be off to find the convention center later today, which will be nice as I feel my brain has melted after watching US tv for a couple of hours.
I also need breakfast.

Edited to add: I won't even go into immigration at Philli airport. Image a long queue via a zigzagging barrier system for a theme park ride with no chance of joy at the end of it. I took about an hour to get through all-in-all.

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