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Tablet computers. An Apology

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by , 18th October 2010 at 10:04 PM (3293 Views)
It's been a while coming this little article, but I have to get it out in the open. I have to apologise for any negative remarks I've ever made about tablet (slate) computers. From Android, to iPads, in fact particularly iPads, I have, over the past few weeks finally 'got it'. I understand now just how good these devices are at doing what they were intended to do, and often, more than they were designed for. And the reason for my negativity, my nay-saying? In one word ignorance. I didn't want them to work well, to be useful, I couldn't see a place for them, or rather I could, but certainly not doing what they are doing now, because I hadn't used one, but since I've been playing with a couple of Android tablet based devices it's amazing just how useful they are, and because of this I have to say that we, as IT professionals should be prepared for their arrival, as arrive they shall, in numbers I suspect that we had not allowed for.
For a select few of you reading this that were at the conf in Corby (or was it Kettering?) about 4 years back when we 'geekers had the honour of being presented with the first ever netbook to hit the UK shores courtesy of Research Machines, before anybody else did, and we swooned and saw something very special happening. Well, tablet computers are like that, but by stealth. I won't mock any more when an iPad owner goes on about how good they are. Because they are, and with Windows and Android slates hitting the shelves any day now you are going to see them everywhere, and before long you will see them in you schools or places of work, and you will have to accommodate them.
The future's coming. And it's flat.

P.S. No Shaun, I haven't brought an iPad!!

P.P.S. Expect to see these as well:


  1. SYNACK's Avatar
    I'm certain that Pad computing will be a very useful addition to the current ways that we use and interact with information now and in the future. They had them is Star Trek and that show has acted almost as a blueprint for technology with the different props being made real as soon as the technology became practical.

    Inkeeping with the theme I am certain that the iPad would be a Romulan design given its closed and secretive nature

    One of the big things that I think is important with such devices is the removal of the barrier made by the screen, the pad can be put on a table and seen by several people even seated face to face which would be difficult or impossible with a laptop.


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