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It must be time to renew our domain name....

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by , 2nd March 2011 at 07:23 AM (3029 Views)
...And how do I know this? Simple, because the wonderful people at the Domain Renewal Group send me a reminder that I should. As they do every year. All I have to do is fill out the form they send through the post and hey presto they've taken our domain for 5 times the price of our current tag holder. the Domain Renewal Group are (almost) a scam. They send out an official looking invoice inviting you to renew your tag and make it look like they are the official holder of it hoping people will be too busy to read it correctly. It is expensive and if you read the small print on the back of the invoice (which is only binding in the US) it basically reads 'Hand over your domain to us and we can do what we want with it. Oh and you can't sue us because by filling out the form you have agreed not to' in very, very small print. Which is also printed in a light font to make it just that bit harder to read. The address it gives for the return post is 56 Gloucester Road in Kensington, which is actually an branch of Mail Boxes Etc. Classy. Avoid these guys like the plague, but wait, what's this? A pre-paid return envelope
Now what can I put in there I wonder?


  1. john's Avatar
    Ah not just me then, I came home yesterday to 10 of them on the matt for all my domains expiring this month and a lot of emails from friends who are confused Silly people although I didn't notice the envelope until you pointed it out otherwise I could have had some fun with that


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