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My new look.

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by , 25th August 2010 at 09:58 PM (2800 Views)
Well, it's happened. As I've been getting older I've noticed certain things have been changing in me. It started when I'd have to go into the server room to look to see what version of firmare was installed on a piece of hardware (why some manufacturers don't include this info on the webmin I don't know!), V1, V2 etc.
I'd leave after several fruitless minuites blaming 'bad lighting' in their, sans the information I required. When reading instructions in low light or with small font sizes I'd have to vary the distance between myself and the paper before I could focus on the writing, and recently it had been getting worse. And I was in denial. My eyesight was going and I was doing nothing about it.
Well, all that ended last weekend when I was in a shop and on the counter were cheap dispoable reading glasses and an eye chart. Basically, if you couldn't read the text on one of the lines easily then you purchased the corresponding sized glasses.
Furtively I took them home and when no one was looking got out the latest copy of Retro Gamer magazine and donned said specs.
WOW! I can see again, and everything is now so clear when I need to read something (I am far sighted, so I can still pick out distant objects etc). Well, I'm home now and tomorrow I'm booking an appointment for Friday at the opticians and getting some custom bins made up. I need them, and there is no point in fooling myself anymore. I'm going to be specky and proud.


  1. john's Avatar
    Welcome to the club, my dad was a bit like than then he got some glasses to help with reading and he now swears by them and regrets not admitting it sooner and doing something about it.


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