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When is a HDMI graphics card not HD?

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by , 13th April 2008 at 11:27 PM (13314 Views)
When it's not got HDCP (High Defintion Content Protection) as a feature on the chipset.
I recently upgraded my GeForce 7300 low profile HDMI graphics card for the newer 8500GS version from the same company (MSI NX8500GT MTD256EH). Once installed I could never get the BIOS or boot screens to show until Windows (Vista 32bit) had loaded up the drivers when connected via the HDMI interface.
After a little asking around and digging I had found that unless the card has HDCP onboard (as my last one did) then it is almost useless. The picture is also of a 'lesser' quality than the 7300 it replaced. Looking at the MSI site reveals that HDCP is *optional* on this model. Bugger. I brought this card to decode Blu-Ray when I invested in a drive during the summer. Looks like I'll have to shop around again.
My advice is that should you need a graphics card with a HDMI interface make sure it has HDCP or else you will have no end of niggly problems.

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It gets worst. This blog from the Firing squad lays out in easy to follow detail why you really NEED a card with HDCP on board for HD and Blu-Ray content!

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