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Conf done, now on to the next bag of worries

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by , 2nd June 2008 at 12:40 AM (1428 Views)
Well, now the conf is all done and everyone is left happy and content it just remains for me to worry about just how to pay for it!
Don't worry, we will have enough (eventually!), but, if you didn't know, Fasthosts decided to take a years worth of hosting out of our bank with no warning, yes, it was due for renwal (I though we had another 2 months and was going to cancel anyway), but it was galling that they didn't send a reminder email, and that the invoice\receipts was automatically sent to my spam folder.
And Fasthosts refuse to refund us. Anything. Shaun has been through the fine print and basically we are stuffed. We will be shifting ISP this summer and it will be not be a moment too soon. I would recommend that no one reading this ever takes up with these chuckleheads. Ever. It's just not worth the poor service and lax methods they employ.
The long and the short of it is that half the money that was going to be used to pay for the conf went to Fasthosts and I am chasing up oustanding invoices to ensure that we have enough to pay for the event.
We booked for 70 and had 15 no shows, and at £30 a head that comes to £450 we didn't need to spend. Please remember boys and girls that when we say an edugeek conf is free we mean it is free to you. We have to pay a small fortune to set these up (this one was circa £4500) and to have people 'not bother' turning up leaves us seriously out of pocket. We are considering that people leave a small deposit for the next one, but we simply cannot allow for this kind of drop out rate when it costs us so much.
Anyway, I'm tired and off to bed. I'm going to be ripping the DV footage of Tom Newtons' talk and the 'Ask the admins' session tomorrow.



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