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EduGeek in Denver - Day 2 (part 2)

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by , 28th June 2010 at 07:02 AM (1831 Views)
Well, the sand is up, but we had to put it up ourselves but thaks to the work of Chris, SmoothWalls head US sales guy, he had the framework assembled already. Anyway, it's 11pm, I'm posting some more pics then off to bed. Enjoy
Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails blogs/dos_box/attachments/7563-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0254.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7564-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0255.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7565-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0256.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7566-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0257.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7567-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0253.jpg  

blogs/dos_box/attachments/7568-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0258.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7569-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0261.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7570-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0262.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7571-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0264.jpg   blogs/dos_box/attachments/7572-edugeek-denver-day-2-part-2-img_0265.jpg  



  1. vikpaw's Avatar
    Looks like a massive area, not as cramped as BETT.
    i like the new artwork - cool - can't see the 'edu' very well, just looks like a big sign for "GEEK".
    If you're bored, start planning for BETTme
  2. EduTech's Avatar
    Agreed! - I'm looking forward to seeing that stand up at BETT 2010 !!


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