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EduGeek in Denver - Day 1 (part 2)

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by , 27th June 2010 at 02:12 AM (1370 Views)
Our first full day in Denver. We are still a little jet lagged and have spent the day having a quick look around after getting up at lunch time. We also had to do a bit of shopping for some things we needed for the stand. Thank goodness for Radio Shack
The flight over in club class yesterday was, to be frank, amazing. You got a cubicle to yourself, complete with entertainements system, a galley and the BA staff waiting on you hand and foot.

Club class seat.

We didn't get any sleep however as the oxygen level gets turned down and the temp turned up, so you end up catching your breath whilst being uncomfortably hot!, but besides this the flight was a wonderful experience. A 20 mile taxi ride from the airport to the hotel had us checked in at 9pm local time (4am GMT), and a quick shower and change of clothes later we were out in the sweltering heat of the Denver evening (yesterday was their hottest day so far this year at 35 degrees C) looking for something to eat and drink. We found something to drink, and the idea of having junk food wasn't appealing. Afer a few drink we retired for the evening.
Denver is 1 mile above sea level and we often find ourselves catching our breath, especially after climbing stairs etc , and Shaun is not to keen on the weather (scorching hot and blazing sunshine, although it does cloud up in the afternoon). So he's covered himslef in some sun screen that makes him smell like a banana fritter
We had a walk down 16th Street Mall today, a pedestrianised street full of bars, eating places (I'll struggle to use the term restraunt here), tourist shops, the occasional drug store and 24 hour stores.
We've just spent a couple of hours configuring the Mobotix camera and Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363, whilst Shaun also swears at his iPhone and MacBook for their general lack of useability.
We're off for some food in a min (it's 6pm local time) and then going to the Sheraton to await the arrival of Tom Newton and Claire from SmoothWall and mock their jetlag.
It's setup day tomorrow, and we still have to find somewhere to watch the match which is at about 8am here

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  1. vikpaw's Avatar
    sounds cool.
    match wasn't that much cop
    i bet shaun gets soroche before you get back


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