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EduGeek in Denver - Day 1 (part 1)

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by , 25th June 2010 at 01:11 PM (1159 Views)
Well, here we are, in the BA club world departure lounge at Heathrow after being bumped up a class We now get huge seats that turn into beds, a massage (should we want one) and a whole raft of free food, drink and facilities at no cost at all. All pretty sweet. This, in my humble opinion is karma offsetting the Sofitel we stayed in last night, where a burger and chips was £15 (the cheapest thing on the menu), beer £6 a pint and no other way of getting elsewhere to eat or drink unless you wanted junk food in terminal 5!
I had set off the security scanners and they spent 5 mins patting me down, waving a variety of electronic gizmos over all parts of my body before realising that I had left my rather chunky watch on. At least I didn't get scanned for explosives like Shaun! It's another 2 hours until we board, and all of the shops in the duty free area have proved to be more expensive than shopping in the high street or online. Rest assured I shall be posting pictures of our rather plush seats once we get to the other side.
Wish us luck, we're going in!


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    Just to add. I've just been to the loo. When you go in, there are just a series of doors. You enter a door and you are in a whole new room. With a table, chair and loo at one end! A whole room that is bigger than my bathroom at home! And there are about a dozen of these!
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