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EduGeek V4.0 two weeks in

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by , 15th April 2010 at 01:09 PM (1163 Views)
Well, Shaun worked his magic for sure From the day we went live with v4.0 we've seen an almost 100% jump is visitor numbers with (on Tuesday) a record of 29,883 unique visitors coming to the site. Usually we get about 17,000 unique visitors per day, and we've been though the analytics, botth Google and Woopra and it's not an error, we really are getting that big. We are also creeping up the net rankings and we are currently (according to ranked at 32,153 on the net. This puts us in the top 5 in the Premiership if the legue had something like 200 divisions (possibly more), so our ever growing community just goes from strength to strength
We're glad you all enjot the new look anyway, and we've lots more to come in the near future.



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