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BETT Check List

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by , 19th January 2014 at 09:37 PM (6694 Views)
Ok, panic. My train is in just over 12 hour time, and if I've forgotten anything it's far too late...soooooo........

Train tickets - Check
Hotel reservations for Team EduGeek - Check
Assorted documentation that only those doing a show would ever need - Check
Clothes - Check
Laptop - Check
Other laptop - Check
Mobotix webcam - Check
Plethora of device chargers + cables - Check
Small Canon digital camera because the one on the Nexus 4 is pants - Check
Oyster card.....damn, damn, damn....can buy a new one - Check
Small black box full of random bits and pieces - Check
Stand freebies couriered to London - Check
Dance Dance moves worked on.....Perhaps later.
BETT apps installed and then uninstalled - Check
Sense of anticipation and excitement - Check

I honestly don't think there is anything left for me to do now as it is all in the hands of the gods.
See you on stand F137 next week


  1. Little-Miss's Avatar
    I'm far too excited! I've just written my check list and I don't get there till Thursday evening!!!

    Team Edugeek ftw!


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