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Mikes First Day

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by , 7th August 2008 at 12:07 PM (4384 Views)
So, as some of you may or may not know, I recently gave up the glamourous world of educational IT to go and work for a real company, with real computers for real money and everything.

Shaun (ZeroHour to you) suggested it’d be a cool idea for me to blog about my experiences, and being the slacker I am, I’ve only just got round to it.

So, here it is, Mike’s glorious adventures in business, and joining the rest of the happy smiley commuters on the short trip up to London.

And by ‘happy smiling’ I mean ‘miserable’.

And by ‘short trip’ I mean ‘soul destroying hour and 45 minutes’.

Each way.

My first day was not as I’d wanted it to go.
Having almost recovered from my fairwell drinks with the Helenswood staff, which started Thursday and ended sometime Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed at 6am on the Monday and duly fell asleep in the shower.
But lukily only for five minutes, so I still caught my train.

And what a wonderful thing early morning trains are. Those of you who’ve met me know I’m fairly direct, but have an annoying habit of being quite friendly – this does not go down well with:

1. Railway Staff – who treated my cheerful “Morning!” with a look so dour I thought I was talking to the head of science again, and really gave me value for my £400 a month train ticket.

2. Commuters – Who ALL sat in absolute SILENCE the entirity of our journey. And have done ever since. Plus they all seem to have an inbuilt hatred for earrings. And tattoos.

3. The Metropolitan Police – Who decided I couldn’t possibly have anything to smile about, so followed me from London Bridge station to work.

But, none of that really mattered, cause today I started something new! Oh yes! As I walked over the river and saw the sun beating down on various landmarks, shiny officeblocks and an arseload of miserable bastards I thought to myself “this is it, onto bigger and better things” upon which I walked into my new office.

To find no one there.

Oh yes, dear reader, in the time-honoured tradition of school organisational skills everywhere, they’d forogtton I was coming after a small server meltdown at the weekend.

So I rang the boss, who told me my login details and busied myself with menial stuff until people arrive – setting up email, finding my way round the network etc.

It’s only when people from the team start arriving am I informed I’m at the wrong office.


So a brisk 15 minute walk to the other London site, I meet the rest of the team and am informed of the project for the next three weeks. A domain migration.

So, sites in
1. London
2. Riga
3. Luxembourg
4. Boston
5. New Jersey
6. Hong Kong
7. Edinburgh
8. Dublin
9. Paris
10. Chicago

Are all joining one domain, as well as moving to Server 2008, Exchange 2007 and ISA 2006
Oh Cock.

So, its all hands on deck getting ready for this, working out which various servers are going to need what treatment, moving mailboxes, moving data, firewall rules, edge transports need certain configuration, profiles, group policy is a mess, will this work, will that work, etc, etc

And its about this time, I wonder what I’ve let myself in for.....


  1. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Good luck matey. It sounds like a lot of work but damn it sounds fun too.
    I cant get over how long it takes you to commute, I am used to a 10 minute walk here in Aberdeen :P
    Out of interest what level are they are right now?
    Exchange 2003, 2003 dc's, san, etc?
  2. Domino's Avatar
    Exchange 2007 across the board, DC's are 2008, currently using DFSr but a SAN is in planning.

    The server rooms are a big improvement over what I'm used - basement, airconned racked up beauties that they are. I'll take some photos for my next post
  3. FN-GM's Avatar
    I hope the new job is what you are looking for. That is something i have in mind for the feature.



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