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A couple of days with a Eeepc

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by , 18th March 2008 at 01:40 PM (2968 Views)
So, I've has an Asus Eeepc to play with for a couple of days now, and thought I'd share my experiences.

First thing that hits you is the size of this thing. Its dinky. REALLY dinky. I know every review has said that but until you get your hands on one to play with you don't really see it.

Here it is on my 15" Powerbook

Its also sturdy, the thick plastic feels like it could take some stick, and having a solid state flash disk instead of a traditional harddrive - its not going to die after it get taken for a drag by the dog (don't laugh, it happened).

Getting to grips with the software was an absolute doddle. there was very little I couldn't do with the default Xandros installation - and for most people I would suggest sticking with it.

Its so more lightweight than windows, that even the lowest spec Eeepc (the one i have) copes with it easily.

The keyboard seems small at first, and also the trackpad, but after half an hour using one, you'll wonder what the problem was.

I'm sure people with large hands may have the initial hiccup, but Its just like getting used to a new phone or similar - takes a bit of patience.

The one thing about owning one of these that you will have to get used - everyone wants to talk to you.

I was in my local last night and got it out of my bag to check my email.

You would have thought Johnny Depp had just walked in.

"whats that..?"
"its Cute"
"A laptop....!?!"
"HOW Cheap!?!"

are just some of things you will hear daily.

I only got this to see about the feasibility of their school use (a different article) but so far, after seeing mine, I know 4 other people with them. And more are saving or waiting for the 9".

All in all, they're cracking machines.

Just use them as they're meant to - don't bemoan the lack of disk space, don't put windoze on it and don't comlain that keyboards too small.

Its a web device, pure and simple. use it as one.

EeePC + VLE + Wireless = WIN

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  1. Joanne's Avatar
    4GB SD Card - £9.99 from

    1GB Stick DDR2 SODIMM - £19.99 from cpc

    I heart my eeepc!!
  2. ZeroHour's Avatar
    Nice blog
  3. localzuk's Avatar
    Agree completely. I have just confiscated one of the ones we gave out to kids, as they somehow managed to break the mouse button within 2 days of having it! I had it for a month before that, and rigorously tested it, so they must be incredibly destructive kids. So, that kid no-longer is allowed a school laptop, as this is the third he's broken.
  4. mark's Avatar
    Saw one for the first time two weeks ago in Toys'R'Us and was surprised at how sturdy the thing felt, and how much it actually felt like a full sized laptop. Playing a movie on it was stunning too. And there was a queue of kids lining up to have a go on it, whilst the Wii and XBox stands were dead.
  5. Diello's Avatar
    They're truly wonderful machines. The kids love 'em as well. With the increasing use of online apps/VLE - the eeePC is truly a killer piece or hardware.

    If you want a middle way between Windoze and the default Xandros - install Ubuntu - very nice!
  6. Edu-IT's Avatar
    Shall we talk more about the Mac?
  7. localzuk's Avatar
    The problem with installing Ubuntu is that it is a fiddle and a faff. The Xandros install 'just works'
  8. Joanne's Avatar
    yeah I put ubuntu on mine, and after going through hundreds of lines of code I got bored and put xandros back on!!!


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