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Games Britannia - School's Videogame Festival 2012

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by , 26th September 2011 at 03:22 PM (9065 Views)
Related to the EuroGamer Expo blog, we are running an education related Video Games event at Magna in Sheffield next year called "Games Britannia" celebrating the UKs massive involvement in Video Games Industry. The event has been organised in response to the Nesta report and is part of Rotherham Schools Children's festival. It focuses on raising awareness of Gaming and the career opportunities available within the industry as well as offering teaching staff the tools to use game related learning opportunities in the classroom.

Games Britannia Monday 2nd - Sunday 8th July 2012 - Magna Science Adventure Centre

It is a week long event split into two parts

The schools’ festival (run during the week) is aimed at students aged between 11 and 18, and a smaller number of children aged from 5 to 11. CPD workshops will be provided to teachers and educators from the Yorkshire and Humber region – primarily the secondary schools in Sheffield and Rotherham. These include:-

* Hands-on interactive workshops teaching relevant skills

* Keynote presentations from industry and education

* CPD sessions providing a lasting legacy, taking games into the classroom

* Insightful and comprehensive careers guidance

* Advice and information for parents on videogame careers and PEGI ratings

REPLAYED is the public festival (run at the weekend) aimed at visitors from across the country. Designed and developed in conjunction with the REPLAY Events (R3PLAY Expo, Eurogame, Gadget Show Live, MOSI), the exhibition will encompass a selection of workshops and lectures from educators and industry luminaries and will also include:

* Current generation exhibitors

* Games, merchandise and memorabilia vendors

* Best of British – a showcase of British hardware and software

* Indie, mobile, arcade and retro zones

* Encyclopaedia of gaming genres

The event was run initially at Brinsworth Comprehensive School Academy Trust in the Summer of 2011. The following is a link to the Games Britannia site which has a brief video giving context to the 2012 event and gives a flavour of the 2011 school event.

Games Britannia

If you are interested in attending please use the links on the Games Britannia site to contact us.

Dave O


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