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Google+ solution

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by , 27th January 2014 at 06:40 PM (3624 Views)
Dear All

At the BETT show this year I met up with a Danish company called "Wizkids". They are a company who customise the whole Google experience specifically for the education sector. The solution uses all the Google+ facilities eg Google drive (30Gb per user) , Apps etc and includes the equivalent of Sharepoint web parts for mail, assignments etc. The really interesting thing is the automatic provisioning of accounts and groups from SIMS which are used both within the mail and within the assignment section. This is only a part of the whole solution which addresses things such as cross platform implementation and cloud storage.

The company have agreed to come over from Denmark on Wednesday 5th March for an afternoon demo session starting at 12:30. If anyone is interested then please IM me for details. We are in the Sheffield/Rotherham area.

Dave O



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