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Calculating whole levels of progress in Assesment Manager

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by , 14th July 2011 at 10:17 AM (6268 Views)
Hi All,

We are a large sec. modern who use AM effectively through a system of templates to monitor progress. One area I am struggling with is how to calcuate whole levels of progress.

We ask the staff to enter termly assessments in a sub-level, targets are also in sublevels. I then take one away from the other and divide by two to get number of sublevels progress from target. I am unsure how I can calculate whole levels when our grade set is in sublevels. It's not as simple as saying if you make three sublevels then it's a whole level because 3a to 4c is only one but is infact a whole level for reporting purposes.

I thought of making a copy of every aspect to hold a whole level but am struggling on how to convert it.

I wondered how other people do it?



  1. NeilF's Avatar
    I created a grade set containing whole levels only with the value of each level set at the lower boundary for that level. I then set up aspects for KS2 and KS3 levels for each subject I wished to do the calculation on using this grade set. Within the template I then added columns using formula VALUE to get the points for each KS2 and KS3 teacher assessment. I added columns for 'data entry using formula' so that I could use the MARKS TO GRADE function to convert these values into the newly created aspects with the limited set of levels. This allows you to perform a much simpler calculation using DIFFERENCE that gives answers in multiples of 6 or whole levels. You will end up with 6 new columns per subject which is probably why I only did it for En, Ma and Sc.
    Hope this helps.
  2. ctaylor's Avatar
    Yes - this is what I suspected would be the solution. Thanks Neil.
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